Tuesday, February 13, 2007

13 years is a long time

The average person watches 5 hours of television per day.

This means:

  • 35 hours per week.
  • 140 hours per month.
  • 1680 hours per year.
All of that translates into 70 days per year.

The average child today spends more time in front of the television than being educated at school (or home for that matter).

For most adults struggling to make ends meet with two jobs the 5 hours per day is like a 3rd job that is not paying and actually destroying the body and mind.

All of us tend to encounter a time problem once in a while. Things are rushed, there is always tension, a push to meet deadlines, and a quite desperation to get things done.

Life itself seems too short to enjoy and you spend it slogging away to retirement only to find that retirement is not so enjoyable after all (forget all those wonderful ads on television).

If you assume an average life span of 70 years then you just spent 4900 days (or 13.6 years) watching television.

Are you even capable of asking yourself what you could do today if you got 13 years to better your life? What about your children and your family?

Every human being is wasting 13 years of his or her individual life watching television but such is the wonder of this addiction that human society itself fails to see the consequences and actually welcomes television as something good and mandatory.

What is more, if you consider the population of the United States alone (approximately 300,000,000), then 5 hours of average viewing per person comes to a staggering 500 billion hours spent in watching television.

500 billion hours per day wasted by one country. Now span that across the global population and see how you feel.

There are other damning statistics as well.
  • The Obesity Epidemic is directly linked to television viewing.
  • ADHD symptoms are manifested and aggravated through television viewing.
  • Children witness more than 15,000 murders before they are 18.
  • Despite dangers of diseases like AIDS sex is glamorized on television.
  • The brains of the viewers go into a hypnotic trance during every viewing, making them susceptible to any nonsensical suggestion. That is why each person witnesses more than 50,000 commercials per year (32 commercials per hour).
However, even if you refute the above and dispute the studies that arrived at the above statistics you would not be as foolish as you would be if you ignored the fact that you are going to spend 13 years of your life watching television.

Just sit down and think that a family of 4 will have spent 280 days in the last year watching television.

We love to harp on family values but what sort of values are these?

We are upset over increasing rates of divorce, belligerent kids, social problems, declining education, and God alone knows what else.

Just imagine - if we took the trillions of hours per day we spend on watching television and applied even a fraction to working on bettering our world then where we could be.

Unfortunately, addicts are not capable of thinking like that.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Tv and computer Addiction " Hurts children" Hurts marriages and the quality time that should be in the family are Not! Its Real Addiction in its finest.

Unknown said...

Many times this"Object" takes the place of any soicial life altogether!

Unknown said...

Many people are raising their children in this kind of environment. THE OBJECT consumes the parent completely.

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